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LwICT the Next Steps

1. Welcome

2. Business

2.1 Review- status of each school
Open the LSSD LwICT Study Group Members and answer the following discussion questions.
  • Where are you at?
  • Highlights, accomplishments, stumbling blocks?
  • Any issues members are having with infusing LwICT?
  • Any school goals for next year?

2.2 LwICT PD, and how would it look?

2.3 Next Year's Focus...
  1. PD- 21st Century Collaboration- building our community
  2. Students- Digital Citizenship- what does this mean for students in LSSD?

2.4 Powerschool is being looked at for 2012/13 school year.

2.5 Media Awareness is renewed and will continue without interuption of service. New component added for the High School.
  • MyWorld- helps teens develop the critical thinking skills they need to apply to their online experiences by enabling them to use popular online tools and Web sites in a secure and ethical manner. In each of the four chapters in MyWorld, students use a variety of tools such as a search engine, a social networking site and an instant messaging program, to complete tasks that challenge their digital literacy skills. For example, a typical task might be delivered by "Instant Mail" and require a video chat with one of the student's mentors on "Live Speak" before calling upon the student to use "Googolplex" to research a topic and then inform her peers on the topic through a post on "SpaceFace". This approach is similar to how multi-tasking teens use the Net.

2.6 Online Conferencing- options currently available

3. Social Media a First Class component- Open Text Social Workplace

With the collegues sitting in your row watch the following 3 videos. After some discussion
and add your groups thoughts/ suggestions.

4. Smart document camera demonstration-

Augmented reality-

5. Smart Response Trial Feedback- using the assessment features

Teacher reports from trial schools present-
Equipment available at this pricing if participating schools are not purchasing-
SDC-330 Smart Document Camera 330 $839.00 plus taxes
SRP-LE-24 Smart Response LE System with Receiver, 24 remotes $ 769.00 plus taxes
SRP-PE-32 Smart Response PE System with Receiver, 32 remotes $ 949.00 plus taxes
SRP-XE-32 Smart Response XE System with Receiver, 32 remotes $1356.00 plus taxes

6. Digital Signage - A mini presentation of what Richard presented at the Riding the Wave Conference.

7. Sharing Time

8.Social Media continued... click here to link back to notes from last meeting

Your task is to create an account on twitter and post an idea(s) using the hashtag #lssdlwict and respond to -How to Collaborate with others over distance using ICT (Share a link or idea)

Images- flickr

Your task is to take a picture demonstrating rule of thirds, fill the frame, framing, or lines and upload to our LwICT Study Group group on flickr.

Audio Podcasting- ipadio

Your task is to call 1 866 4883415
When prompted use pin number 6199
Tell us about your funniest moment in teaching.

Your task is to create an account for yourself and then join our LwICT Study Group.
The access code is i9gzuy
Share something with the group.

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Student Services- 3t11ga


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